Dental fillings

Tooth-colored restorations are also called white fillings.

A filling will restore a tooth that has been damaged by decay. The decayed material is removed, and the tooth is cleaned. The dentist will fill your cavity with a filling. When you need a cavity filled, you have a variety of options.

Modern dental advancements are utilized for teeth fillings. New dental technologies use composites that are made from hard plastic. These tooth-colored restorations are also called white fillings. Today, most patients prefer the white fillings over the silver fillings (amalgam fillings). Silver fillings are tolerant to wear, they are a low-cost alternative filling, but they are more noticeable. Tooth-colored restorations are custom made to the exact color of your teeth. This creates a natural appearance and the filling isn’t noticeable. Tooth-colored restorations can last between three and 10 years. White fillings can stain from drinking coffee or tea, or if you smoke.

Gold fillings are made in a dental laboratory and are custom made for your tooth. Gold fillings cost more, but last for many years.

Porcelain fillings are made in a dental laboratory and are also custom made. They resist staining, and are made to match the tooth. Porcelain fillings cost approximately the same as gold fillings. They might be recommended if the decayed area is large. Porcelain restorations are very natural-looking.

There is a variety of choices to make when it comes to filling your teeth.